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Tyler Spanks Devon

Tyler really wanted to spankthis hot ass and Devon didn’t really have anything to say about it. The youngster wanted to hang out with Tyler and his biker friends so he had to do anything he asked him to. Tyler waited for this for such a long time and his time has finally come. The horny biker finally got his hands on that fresh ass and got to spank him as much as he wanted. He told him that he would take him on a ride if he would help him out with some things. The guy was so desperate that he would do literally anything to go out with his friends including getting butt naked and taking a few slaps.

The good part of it all was that he was actually into dudes so it wasn’t something new to him. He got used to taking off his clothes in front of other guys, no problem there. Devon was surprised a bit when he saw that Tyler was still dressed but waited patiently to see what happens next in this spankthis scene. The big biker asked him to lay on his lap, face down, then Devon finally understood what he wanted. The hot guy made it even easier for Tyler as he turned and gave him a better angle to spank his ass. This was a great one and it’s the best way you can start your day. Nothing is better than a spank this update so check out!


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