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Tyler spanks and fucks Devon

Today we have some new and fresh spankthis videos that you simply must see everyone. For this nice update we have a scene with two very horny guys that get around to act all sexy in front of the cameras for you guys. The two handsome guys are named Tyler and Devon and you should know that they make a really cute couple. Well except the fact that Devon regularly acts out against Tyler and Tyler has to remind him who’s boss every now and then. So let’s get this superb video show started in this movie update and enjoy the sow they will put on.


The couple starts off the scene and you can see that Devon is already getting his proper scolding. And Tyler wastes no time to have him spanked. Watch as Tyler works Devon’s ass with his rough hand while spanking him and enjoy. And as you might imagine that wasn’t all for this superb scene. No, the two also wanted to do a nice little fuck session afterwards. And you can see as Taylor will fuck Devon’s ass hard style with his big cock for a nice finish. We hope you enjoyed and we will be seeing you in the following week with some more spankthis pics everyone! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the sweet and raw site and see some gorgeous gay guys making out! Have fun and see you soon!


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