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TJ Wood and Jeff Sterne

Jeff Sterne pushed things a bit further than usual, in his previous spankthis scene he did things a bit lighter. Well, this time he didn’t have any mercy on their asses and didn’t stop until they were all red. Jeff was the one with three guys in the other scene so he knows just how to manage all three of them at the same time. No one gets bored or gets away easily from his treatment. There’s no such thing as too hard either. You just don’t mess around with Jeff and with his methods, he’s the best there is. Just look at these asses how red they are, but their faces tell us a different story, they are all smiling and having a good time.

As you can tell all the twinks wanted to be here so they knew what was about to happen and agreed with it. Jeff undressed them all, put them in a line and started playing with them and their behinds. From getting all kind of weird stuff taped on their asses to testing out his leather whip Jeff tested out hot twinks and their patience in this really long scene. We know we made you a bit curious so we’re gonna let things here and let you find the rest out all by yourself, it’s the right way to do it anyway. We don’t want to mess out any surprises for you guys. This was the spank this update so we hope you enjoy it!


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