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Sterne & Tyler Kayden

You guys really want to see Sterne spankthis ass, don’t you? We can’t blame you, we all want to see Tyler getting down to action and whip another guy’s fine ass in front of the cameras. There’s no one just like him in the business and you can’t find anyone better than him doing this. Sterne found Tyler smoking on his front lawn in the middle of the day while he was supposed to be at school. He wasn’t going to let him get away with it so easily so he took the 18yo twink in the house to have a little chat with him. He explained to him that what he did isn’t ok and that he should be at school, but he didn’t seem to listen to him so Sterne found another way of doing it, the old fashion way.

He took off Tyler’s pants and while he was butt naked he started spanking that fine ass and he didn’t stop until he left his ass all nice and red. Now that’s a nice┬áspankthis view and we know that you guys are going to really enjoy it as well. Sterne loves messing around with younger guys and hearing them scream is one of the nicest sounds. We liked what we saw and we are pretty sure that you will too, because why wouldn’t you? Here you have a hot guy, getting this perfect ass smacked, what isn’t there to like? See you tomorrow with another spank this update!


Watch here this twink getting his ass red!