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SpankThis – The Detention Spank

This teacher took his job a bit too in serious. Just look at this him spankthis guy’s ass during detention using a wooden paddle. He was in charge of detention that afternoon and his students weren’t paying too much attention to him so he decided that a good spanking session is all they need. The guys were causing problems during their regular classes so they were sent after school to detention to clear their heads a bit. This isn’t their first visit there but they won’t forget this one too soon. The new teacher had a lesson for them that they won’t forget too soon. Normally detention lasts for two hours, well this guy offered them half an hour if they were willing to do whatever he wanted.

The spankthis guys hurried and said yes without knowing what the new teacher had in mind, big mistake. He asked them to undress and to bend over their desks, so the guys did what he said. Both of them thought that they were going to get fucked but he had a different plan in mind and once the guys took their position the nasty teacher took his wooden paddle and started to spank this ass. If they wanted out earlier they had to pay the price. We doubt that they would be back in detention too soon, either way, they are staying far away from their kinky teacher! See you guys next time with more gay spanking action!


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