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SpankThis – Spanking Field

You would all like to spankthis, so don’t lie to us! Who in their right mind would turn down such a fine ass, let’s be serious now? This guy thought the same thing and that’s why he didn’t miss out on such a great opportunity. He actually found the guy working in a field next to his house, so during his lunch break we went to him and asked him if he didn’t want to make a bit more money. His way was easier and during his lunch break, he could earn the money he would’ve gotten after a week of work. This sounds like a good deal to us and we know you like it too. The guy, of course, accepted it and that was a lunch break he won’t forget too soon. It’s been a while since his last ass slapping and he was a bit younger when that happened. So this was his first slapping as a grown up.

Our guy loves smacking asses and one way or another he’s getting finding asses to smack. You are going to be shocked to find out just how willing these guys are to try new things if they get enough cash. This field is filled with spanking potential so it’s going to be a long week for our guy, so stay close maybe we’ll bring you more from him and his workers. Hope you like it as much as we do and that you are going to return for more spank this porn!


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