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SpankThis – Ryan & Dustin

Ryan had been a bad, bad boy and that why you see Dusting spankthis. That ass needed some good old fashion spanking, just like in the good days. Ryan needed a little reminder that he needs to be doing his job better and getting his ass red is the way to do that or at least that’s what Dustin thought. Ryan just started working there and he wasn’t doing a really good job, but no one wanted to fire him because they all know his situation so they wanted to teach him a different type of lesson. Dustin was his supervisor so had to take care of the problem in the way that he found fit to do it. Dustin had a little crush on Ryan so this worked out great for him.

The jock took him to the storage room where he got his hands on him and finally got to see him butt naked. This punishment turned out to be the best thing for Dustin. Once Ryan was butt naked he bent him over his knees and started spanking that fine little ass of his. Oh man, there’s so much more happening in this one but we don’t want to ruin it for you guys. It’s a lot better when you discover it all by yourself, trust us. Well, this was all for today but get ready to get your mind blown away by this spank this scene. Hope you like and that we’ll see you tomorrow!


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