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SpankThis – Justin The Poolboy

We know you would like to spankthis too! The pool boy’s ass begs for spanking and that’s what our hunk thought too. He knew from the day that he hired him that they are going to get along just fine. The older hunk had a really special reason why he hired him, he wanted a bit more than keeping his backyard pool clean. That was just an excuse to get him in the house and to try his luck with him. The cute hunk took his job really serious and tried the best that he could, but the other day he messed things up. This was the perfect situation for our horny old guy because now he got to punish the cute jock, especially his ass.

This took the hunk a bit by surprise but he didn’t say a word. He really needed the job and it was well paid so he kept his mouth shut. The horny guy called him in the living room and after explaining what he did wrong he told him that he had to get punished for his mistakes. The cute younger jock did everything he was asked too, even if that meant to get butt naked in front of another man and get that tight ass spanked by a complete stranger. This one has been a blast and you get to see it all in the gallery below so don’t be shy. If you want more spank this update stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!


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