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Spanked in the Garage

This is what happens when you too helpful! This guy thought it might be a nice way to say thank you if he spankthis ass instead. Very thoughtful of him but we’re not too sure that the teen actually wanted this kind of thank you from his part. The guy was just there making sure that he finds everything that he needs to fix his car. He wasn’t into him, he just wanted his car fixed as fast as possible so he gave him a little hand. The older guy saw things completely different and thought that the guy was actually hitting on him. It was the first time when a youngster spends so much time next to him, so it was a bit confusing. The old man made his move and took on a ride with his fixed car to his place. But when he asked the younger guy if he wants to learn something new, we are sure that the twink didn’t have this┬áspankthis action in mind. No guy actually thinks about getting their asses smacked while he’s butt naked tied to a huge wooden X.

There’s no chance someone would expect something like this. He couldn’t say no to it, but he was a bit curious to see what the old man knows and wants to teach him. You can really blame him, it’s not like you see stuff like this on a daily basis. This is what usually happens around here at spank this but you aren’t going to find it somewhere else!


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