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Spanked and punished at work

Hey there once more guys , today we bring you some more awesome and fresh spankthis pics for your enjoyment. In this nice little scene we have a couple of two studs working out their boss-employee relationship. It all started when the guy with brunette hair was caught slacking off at work today. So his manager, the guy with the red hair, decided that he needs to be taught a lesson in hard work. And since he talked back to him as well, he would be in for a lesson in manners as well. So sit back and let’s watch them go at it.

When the spank this scene starts you can see that the two horny studs are already getting to start off their little session. The boss pulls out a paddle which he’ll be using on his subordinate’s ass and without a second thought he has him bend over and present his perky little ass for him. Watch as the dude gets one good ass spanking on his firm ass today and enjoy the show everyone. You can safely assume that he learned his lesson and he will not be taking his boss for granted from now on. Again we will see you next week with more awesome content! Until then, check out the wrestlehard blog and see some muscled wrestlers fucking!


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