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Spank This – Jeff Spanks Blake

Hey there once more everyone, spank this comes back again with another superb and hot scene to show off today to you. It seems that Jeff has gotten his punishing hands on another little naughty man slut that needs to get some rough treatment. This time Jeff takes the role of a boss as he’s disciplining his underling Blake. Blake forgot to do some stuff for the firm and Jeff here needs to remind him that a business needs to work like a well oiled machine if everything is suppose to be working correctly. Let’s see what they do.

When the cameras start to roll, Blake can be seen already in the office looking like a sad little puppy while Jeff scolds him on his mistake. Well he also tells Blake that he needs to be taught a lesson. So with that, Jeff orders Blake to take off his clothes and lye on his belly on the desk completely naked at today. Then Jeff takes his belt off and starts to spank naughty Blake with it as the latter moans in pleasure. One might get to think that Blake actually did the mistake intentionally, but we’ll never know for sure will we. Enjoy everyone and if you liked this update and you’re looking for similar videos and pictures check out website. Also you might visit the site and see some cute guys getting fucked!


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