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Skyelr Spanks Roxy and Zack

Skyler got what he wanted and we are all waiting now for him to spankthis too. Skyler always gets his hands on some of the hottest guys around here and today he has two hot twinks to spank. If you are old around here you know that it doesn’t happen too often to have two guys getting spanked in the same scene so you better enjoy it while it lasts. The hot jock keeps ending up with these twinks on his lap and you guys know how much he loves spanking asses. So there isn’t too much for him to do then to undress them, bent them over and start slapping those tight asses. After a quick session of slapping, the guys got warmed up and not it was time for the big toys.

You didn’t actually thought that he was only going to spank him right? No, no, Skyler had a different plan in mind that involved a lot of wooden paddles, whips and canes. There’s no messing around, we’re all in, in this one. When you guys check it all out you are going to see these two cute twinks screaming, moaning and most important getting that ass all red. Roxy and Zack got their fair share for the day but there are still of lot of twinks waiting in like to get their fine asses spanked nicely. So stay close because there are a lot more spankthis surprises here!


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