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Paul Pratt & Nathan Frost

The frat guys sure love to spankthis ass too. As you can see the frat guys are pretty familiar with spanking ass and they get pretty creative with it too. The gay fraternity guys have all kinds of bets around the house and most of them include sexual things. They bet on sports events with the guys around the house and the loser has to do some weird thing afterward. This isn’t your ordinary frat house, we’ve seen gay fraternity houses but nothing compared to this. The guys would literally bet on anything with anything as you are going to see in this scene today. Our two frat guys had a friendly bet on a football match and the loser had to get spanked using a wooden paddle. We haven’t seen one of those around here for a while.


Nothing unusual until this point but the entire frat house was looking at them while doing it. It’s one thing if you do it behind closed doors but a completely different thing if you have so many guys on your back checking it out. Imagine yourself butt naked getting spanked while the entire frat house watches and films everything. It’s not too comfortable for him but we enjoy it and we also got so many great angles as he spank this hot guy and we know you are going to love it. Be sure to check it all out in the┬áspankthis gallery below!

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