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Paul Pratt & Nathan Frost

The frat guys sure love to spankthis ass too. As you can see the frat guys are pretty familiar with spanking ass and they get pretty creative with it too. The gay fraternity guys have all kinds of bets around the house and most of them include sexual things. They bet on sports events with the guys around the house and the loser has to do some weird thing afterward. This isn’t your ordinary frat house, we’ve seen gay fraternity houses but nothing compared to this. The guys would literally bet on anything with anything as you are going to see in this scene today. Our two frat guys had a friendly bet on a football match and the loser had to get spanked using a wooden paddle. We haven’t seen one of those around here for a while.


Nothing unusual until this point but the entire frat house was looking at them while doing it. It’s one thing if you do it behind closed doors but a completely different thing if you have so many guys on your back checking it out. Imagine yourself butt naked getting spanked while the entire frat house watches and films everything. It’s not too comfortable for him but we enjoy it and we also got so many great angles as he spank this hot guy and we know you are going to love it. Be sure to check it all out in the spankthis gallery below!

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SpankThis – Spanking Field

You would all like to spankthis, so don’t lie to us! Who in their right mind would turn down such a fine ass, let’s be serious now? This guy thought the same thing and that’s why he didn’t miss out on such a great opportunity. He actually found the guy working in a field next to his house, so during his lunch break we went to him and asked him if he didn’t want to make a bit more money. His way was easier and during his lunch break, he could earn the money he would’ve gotten after a week of work. This sounds like a good deal to us and we know you like it too. The guy, of course, accepted it and that was a lunch break he won’t forget too soon. It’s been a while since his last ass slapping and he was a bit younger when that happened. So this was his first slapping as a grown up.

Our guy loves smacking asses and one way or another he’s getting finding asses to smack. You are going to be shocked to find out just how willing these guys are to try new things if they get enough cash. This field is filled with spanking potential so it’s going to be a long week for our guy, so stay close maybe we’ll bring you more from him and his workers. Hope you like it as much as we do and that you are going to return for more spank this porn!


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Landon Haynes & Matt Hunter

The guys around here just love to spankthis as often as they can. No one is going to turn down the chance to do something fun like spank a fine ass, let’s be serious. Landon and Matt aren’t turning it down, they really want a piece of ass today. The two horny jocks did something new around here, they actually took turns on spanking one another and although that seems hard to believe we have all the proof right here for all you non believers. It’s something new not to have someone in charge of it all but it’s a nice change, a change that we all enjoy because this way we get more spanking in one spankthis scene. And besides it’s nice to see the guy getting his revenge after he got his ass spanked.

You gotta admit that you are curious to see that and want to see all the pictures too. As you can see the guys took off most of their clothes and the one with the pants on him is going to start it all as he bends his friend over his knee and starts smacking that perfect ass. Landon and Matt took their fair share of slapping, whipping and canning but now it’s your turn to check it out and tell us what do you think about it. Below you have the entire spank this picture gallery and there is a lot more you must discover by yourself. Enjoy!


Watch here this hot guy getting his perfect ass all red!

SpankThis – Ryan & Dustin

Ryan had been a bad, bad boy and that why you see Dusting spankthis. That ass needed some good old fashion spanking, just like in the good days. Ryan needed a little reminder that he needs to be doing his job better and getting his ass red is the way to do that or at least that’s what Dustin thought. Ryan just started working there and he wasn’t doing a really good job, but no one wanted to fire him because they all know his situation so they wanted to teach him a different type of lesson. Dustin was his supervisor so had to take care of the problem in the way that he found fit to do it. Dustin had a little crush on Ryan so this worked out great for him.

The jock took him to the storage room where he got his hands on him and finally got to see him butt naked. This punishment turned out to be the best thing for Dustin. Once Ryan was butt naked he bent him over his knees and started spanking that fine little ass of his. Oh man, there’s so much more happening in this one but we don’t want to ruin it for you guys. It’s a lot better when you discover it all by yourself, trust us. Well, this was all for today but get ready to get your mind blown away by this spank this scene. Hope you like and that we’ll see you tomorrow!


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Kyler’s Been A Bad Boy

Kyler has been a really bad boy and someone is there to spankthis fine ass of his. Everyone gets what they deserve, especially Kyler, being in such good hands. Nothing is going to save him from getting his little ass spanked. This is what happens when you don’t mind your own business and continue taking trash to everyone around you. Y’all know what we do with the big mouths around here! Kyler started talking shit to the wrong guys, so they sent him a guy at his place to explain to him something about respect. You might’ve expected to see him getting his ass beaten up, well this is not the case, but you aren’t too far from the truth.

The guy that was sent to Kyler’s place loves spanking other guys and you can see that in the spankthis scene below as well, just by the way he got Kyler’s ass all red. This guy has no mercy when he’s talking about asses, he loves testing guys out and their limits too. Apparently, today was Kyler’s day because he got all the spanking and the whipping. His ass didn’t get so much action in a while, in a really long. long time. So you better see bad boy Kyler testing his limits while getting his ass spanked. This was all the spank this action of the day but stay close because we might bring you something new later today!


Enjoy watching Kyler getting his tight ass all red!

SpankThis – No Pain No Gain

This gym workout didn’t turned out as expected and this horny trainer sure loves to spankthis ass. When you go to the trainer to help you out, you aren’t expecting to get your ass whipped. The guy was new there, so he looked for help and he went to the trainer. But this isn’t your ordinary trainer, no, he loves messing around with the new guys and teaching them all about getting their asses red during their workouts. This is the only workout that he actually knew by heart and is the workout that all the guys in the gym learned during their first days around there. The poor guy didn’t knew how to react when he saw his trainer getting touchier and touchier with him.

It’s not like he didn’t like it, but it was a bit weird. The passage had to go on so the trainer insisted until he got his approval. This isn’t your ordinary gym scene, no jerking off, no nothing, all you are about to see is a cute ass getting spanked and whipped until is red, so damn red. But his ass isn’t the only thing you should check out, that cute face shouldn’t be ignored and seeing him scream is going to make your day a lot better, believe us. This was our spankthis scene of the day so enjoy this hot gym update and stay tuned for more gay porn scenes!


Take a look at this guy getting spanked by his trainer!

Jeff Sterne Spanks 3 Boys

Jeff Sterne SpankThis 3 Boys in this hot scene and we have it all for you. In the older posts we had just one guy getting his little ass spanked, well today we have three guys getting spanked in the same time. Just look at those red asses as Jeff tests his cane on them. You can actually see the cane mark on them, so you know that Jeff isn’t playing around and this actually is real. These twinks would literally try out anything you ask them too and isn’t that great news for all of us? Face it, we all love seeing these twinks getting spanked, more that we enjoy some of the older guys. It’s something about those fresh asses getting spanked that gives us all the best feeling, seeing them getting what they deserve for being such bad guys.

Jeff feels the same way and what’s why instead of having one guy he picked three guys to play around with. This is his first spankthis time with three guys and ours too. It’s not a bad way to start the day trust us, you are going to love this as much as we did and this is going to make your day a lot better. You have it all below so be sure you check it all out and tell us what you think about our three twinks getting all that heat. Hope you like it as much as we did and we’ll see with more spank this scenes!


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SpankThis – Max Gets Kinky

We are back with another guy that love to spankthis ass. It’s impossible to end up without guys to spank around here and you can see that by our updates and they are many more to come. This guy has a really dark side and in this scene he’s exposing it all for you guys. Max even has a special room for all his toys and tools and today he finally got a guy to used them on. It’s not that easy to find the right guys for the job so today is a really special day, now that he finally found one. The hot jock found this cute college guy that wants to test out his limits. His in the right hands because Max has so many things prepared for him and you get to see them one by one.

After he took the guy to the room, Max undressed him and after a good look at that ass he knew that he picked the right guy. The guy was young, horny and willing to try out all these things. Max eased him with a little spanking and slowly started bringing his whip, leather canes, and the rest of the goodies. In the preview below you got just a little preview to give you an idea of how nasty things got between them. Hope you like it as much as we did and that you are going to return to see more spankthis scenes. See you guys next time!


See this guy getting his cute ass all red!

Hayden Spanks Luke

Hayden sure loves to spankthis ass in front of the camera. Maybe he likes hearing hot Luke scream or just seeing that ass getting so red after his slaps, who knows, but the important thing is that we got our hands on this one as well. The guys are getting nastier and nastier and they do it all in front of the camera too. Unlike some of the older updates today’s guys are a bit younger than the rest and from what we saw they like trying out all kind of things and that’s always great news. Who doesn’t like have two cute younger guys testing their limits in some intense gay spankthis action? We can’t wait to see it all.


The guys returned from practice and Luke got a little punishment for being such a bad guy and not listening to Hayden during practice. If you are an ass during practice, your ass is the one getting it afterward. Well, this guy had to find that out in the hardest way possible, well his ass did. Hayden took off his pants and his underwear and after he was butt naked he bent him over the bed and started whipping his ass with a piece of wood. Hayden sure didn’t have any mercy on his ass and you can see that in the gallery below so make sure you see it all. Luke and Hayden brought us a really nice spank this update and we know that you are going to love it!

Check out this guy getting his tight ass whipped!

SpankThis – Justin The Poolboy

We know you would like to spankthis too! The pool boy’s ass begs for spanking and that’s what our hunk thought too. He knew from the day that he hired him that they are going to get along just fine. The older hunk had a really special reason why he hired him, he wanted a bit more than keeping his backyard pool clean. That was just an excuse to get him in the house and to try his luck with him. The cute hunk took his job really serious and tried the best that he could, but the other day he messed things up. This was the perfect situation for our horny old guy because now he got to punish the cute jock, especially his ass.

This took the hunk a bit by surprise but he didn’t say a word. He really needed the job and it was well paid so he kept his mouth shut. The horny guy called him in the living room and after explaining what he did wrong he told him that he had to get punished for his mistakes. The cute younger jock did everything he was asked too, even if that meant to get butt naked in front of another man and get that tight ass spanked by a complete stranger. This one has been a blast and you get to see it all in the gallery below so don’t be shy. If you want more spank this update stay tuned for tomorrow’s update!


Enjoy watching this guy getting his ass whipped!

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