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SpankThis – Big Cocks

Hey guys. Allow us to welcome you back to spankthis once again and another hot and juicy scene with some more hot and horny guys getting to fuck each other and play naughty all day long here today. They get to have that nice and big bed that you can see in the preview to have fun on and you can rest assured that they made good use of it for the whole afternoon. And much like the title says it, you can see these two here packing big cocks too. Now let’s get to see them use those to fuck each other in the ass all day long shall we? The show is about to start so strap in and let’s just get down to business to see the whole thing unfold shall we?

SpankThis - Big Cocks

The more tanned of the two ends up exclusively taking it up the ass from his friend here this afternoon and when the show starts you can see them all over one another too. See them kiss and caress and get more and more naked and horny too. This pair would make perfect as a shemale idol pair playing, but we’ll have to see about that in the future too. Anyway, check the guy out getting right on top of his buddy and see him starting to bounce up and down that cock for the rest of this amazing spankthis scene. We’re sure you’ll love it and there will be more to see as well next week too. See you all then with a new batch of gay fuck fests!

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SpankThis – Gay Interracial Sex

Well here we are with a brand new and fresh spankthis scene with some more gay sex action that you just have to see without delay. As you can see, there’s some interracial action going down in it and the guys here are quite eager to get to play with one another just for your viewing pleasure. And the white guy is of course the one to get to take it up the ass from the black stud. He always wanted to try a big black chocolate cock and this guy was more than happy to cater to his desire. So sit back and let’s watch this guy get a good ass dicking from the ebony guy for the whole spankthis scene. We’re sure that you will have fun with their time together here!

The two get to play in the bedroom bed today and from the very start you can see that both of them are all nude and ready to fuck. Then you can see them kiss and caress right on the bed as they get into position as well. Also you can drop by the site as well to see some more amazing scenes like this one too. But coming back to our two lovers here, the white guy eagerly spreads his legs for the ebony guy and takes that cock balls deep from behind. Enjoy the view of it all and we’ll be seeing you all again next week with more new content. So yeah, just have fun with the naughty and hot ass fucking featuring these two!

SpankThis - Gay Interracial Sex

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SpankThis – Detention spank

Spankthis is the new and hot place where you can see some nice scenes every time guys. We make our debut here in force and we guarantee that we will bring you some very hot and sexy scene in every update that we’ll bring you from this day onward. So let’s get started for today shall we everyone? This scene has some very naughty dudes that misbehaved and it seems that they got themselves some fitting punishment. For today’s gallery you get to see them receive that punishment. So let’s get to it and get this show started like we said before and see this hot guy who is looking just like the gorgeous men from the teach twinks blog getting this ass spanked!

The two dudes are named Dallas and Kurt and it seems that they have gotten the teacher very angry. The first punishment for this spank this scene is detention, but as you might imagine that’s not all that they’d be receiving. The two very naughty guys also set themselves up to get a nasty and hard style spanking for being naughty. So without due, just sit back and watch them as they both receive a good spanking on their naked asses. We hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you once again next week with more fresh stuff. Until then, you can click here and watch some muscled gay guys masturbating! Enjoy!


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Tyler Spanks Devon

Tyler really wanted to spankthis hot ass and Devon didn’t really have anything to say about it. The youngster wanted to hang out with Tyler and his biker friends so he had to do anything he asked him to. Tyler waited for this for such a long time and his time has finally come. The horny biker finally got his hands on that fresh ass and got to spank him as much as he wanted. He told him that he would take him on a ride if he would help him out with some things. The guy was so desperate that he would do literally anything to go out with his friends including getting butt naked and taking a few slaps.

The good part of it all was that he was actually into dudes so it wasn’t something new to him. He got used to taking off his clothes in front of other guys, no problem there. Devon was surprised a bit when he saw that Tyler was still dressed but waited patiently to see what happens next in this spankthis scene. The big biker asked him to lay on his lap, face down, then Devon finally understood what he wanted. The hot guy made it even easier for Tyler as he turned and gave him a better angle to spank his ass. This was a great one and it’s the best way you can start your day. Nothing is better than a spank this update so check out!


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SpankThis – The Detention Spank

This teacher took his job a bit too in serious. Just look at this him spankthis guy’s ass during detention using a wooden paddle. He was in charge of detention that afternoon and his students weren’t paying too much attention to him so he decided that a good spanking session is all they need. The guys were causing problems during their regular classes so they were sent after school to detention to clear their heads a bit. This isn’t their first visit there but they won’t forget this one too soon. The new teacher had a lesson for them that they won’t forget too soon. Normally detention lasts for two hours, well this guy offered them half an hour if they were willing to do whatever he wanted.

The spankthis guys hurried and said yes without knowing what the new teacher had in mind, big mistake. He asked them to undress and to bend over their desks, so the guys did what he said. Both of them thought that they were going to get fucked but he had a different plan in mind and once the guys took their position the nasty teacher took his wooden paddle and started to spank this ass. If they wanted out earlier they had to pay the price. We doubt that they would be back in detention too soon, either way, they are staying far away from their kinky teacher! See you guys next time with more gay spanking action!


Check out these guys getting spanked during detention!

TJ Wood and Jeff Sterne

Jeff Sterne pushed things a bit further than usual, in his previous spankthis scene he did things a bit lighter. Well, this time he didn’t have any mercy on their asses and didn’t stop until they were all red. Jeff was the one with three guys in the other scene so he knows just how to manage all three of them at the same time. No one gets bored or gets away easily from his treatment. There’s no such thing as too hard either. You just don’t mess around with Jeff and with his methods, he’s the best there is. Just look at these asses how red they are, but their faces tell us a different story, they are all smiling and having a good time.

As you can tell all the twinks wanted to be here so they knew what was about to happen and agreed with it. Jeff undressed them all, put them in a line and started playing with them and their behinds. From getting all kind of weird stuff taped on their asses to testing out his leather whip Jeff tested out hot twinks and their patience in this really long scene. We know we made you a bit curious so we’re gonna let things here and let you find the rest out all by yourself, it’s the right way to do it anyway. We don’t want to mess out any surprises for you guys. This was the spank this update so we hope you enjoy it!


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Spanked in the Garage

This is what happens when you too helpful! This guy thought it might be a nice way to say thank you if he spankthis ass instead. Very thoughtful of him but we’re not too sure that the teen actually wanted this kind of thank you from his part. The guy was just there making sure that he finds everything that he needs to fix his car. He wasn’t into him, he just wanted his car fixed as fast as possible so he gave him a little hand. The older guy saw things completely different and thought that the guy was actually hitting on him. It was the first time when a youngster spends so much time next to him, so it was a bit confusing. The old man made his move and took on a ride with his fixed car to his place. But when he asked the younger guy if he wants to learn something new, we are sure that the twink didn’t have this spankthis action in mind. No guy actually thinks about getting their asses smacked while he’s butt naked tied to a huge wooden X.

There’s no chance someone would expect something like this. He couldn’t say no to it, but he was a bit curious to see what the old man knows and wants to teach him. You can really blame him, it’s not like you see stuff like this on a daily basis. This is what usually happens around here at spank this but you aren’t going to find it somewhere else!


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Sterne & Tyler Kayden

You guys really want to see Sterne spankthis ass, don’t you? We can’t blame you, we all want to see Tyler getting down to action and whip another guy’s fine ass in front of the cameras. There’s no one just like him in the business and you can’t find anyone better than him doing this. Sterne found Tyler smoking on his front lawn in the middle of the day while he was supposed to be at school. He wasn’t going to let him get away with it so easily so he took the 18yo twink in the house to have a little chat with him. He explained to him that what he did isn’t ok and that he should be at school, but he didn’t seem to listen to him so Sterne found another way of doing it, the old fashion way.

He took off Tyler’s pants and while he was butt naked he started spanking that fine ass and he didn’t stop until he left his ass all nice and red. Now that’s a nice spankthis view and we know that you guys are going to really enjoy it as well. Sterne loves messing around with younger guys and hearing them scream is one of the nicest sounds. We liked what we saw and we are pretty sure that you will too, because why wouldn’t you? Here you have a hot guy, getting this perfect ass smacked, what isn’t there to like? See you tomorrow with another spank this update!


Watch here this twink getting his ass red!

Skyelr Spanks Roxy and Zack

Skyler got what he wanted and we are all waiting now for him to spankthis too. Skyler always gets his hands on some of the hottest guys around here and today he has two hot twinks to spank. If you are old around here you know that it doesn’t happen too often to have two guys getting spanked in the same scene so you better enjoy it while it lasts. The hot jock keeps ending up with these twinks on his lap and you guys know how much he loves spanking asses. So there isn’t too much for him to do then to undress them, bent them over and start slapping those tight asses. After a quick session of slapping, the guys got warmed up and not it was time for the big toys.

You didn’t actually thought that he was only going to spank him right? No, no, Skyler had a different plan in mind that involved a lot of wooden paddles, whips and canes. There’s no messing around, we’re all in, in this one. When you guys check it all out you are going to see these two cute twinks screaming, moaning and most important getting that ass all red. Roxy and Zack got their fair share for the day but there are still of lot of twinks waiting in like to get their fine asses spanked nicely. So stay close because there are a lot more spankthis surprises here!


Check out these twinks getting a good spanking!

SpankThis – Worth The Wait

This guy was definitely worth the wait just to get to spankthis ass. No one likes waiting for things or people but some of them are just worth it like this one. The first time he saw this perfect ass he knew that one way or another he was going to get his hands on it. It was a bit of work but at the end of the day it was totally worth it and he couldn’t fully enjoy it without sharing it with you guys. This cute little twink kept on playing games with him and played hard to hard for a really long time. Even though they saw each other almost daily he just wouldn’t cave in. But luckily all that hard work and insisting paid off and somehow he convinced him to come to his place.

Both of them knew what was about to happen so they were both prepared to test their limits that afternoon. The guys undressed one another and started messing around in front of the camera, teasing us all with their rubbing and grabbing. All he wanted was to spank this fine ass so that’s how he started it all. He bends the guy over his lap while he was sitting on the couch and started slapping him. This guy really wanted that ass and he sure made the best out of it. You get to see it all in the picture gallery below!


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