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Landon Haynes & Matt Hunter

The guys around here just love to spankthis as often as they can. No one is going to turn down the chance to do something fun like spank a fine ass, let’s be serious. Landon and Matt aren’t turning it down, they really want a piece of ass today. The two horny jocks did something new around here, they actually took turns on spanking one another and although that seems hard to believe we have all the proof right here for all you non believers. It’s something new not to have someone in charge of it all but it’s a nice change, a change that we all enjoy because this way we get more spanking in one┬áspankthis scene. And besides it’s nice to see the guy getting his revenge after he got his ass spanked.

You gotta admit that you are curious to see that and want to see all the pictures too. As you can see the guys took off most of their clothes and the one with the pants on him is going to start it all as he bends his friend over his knee and starts smacking that perfect ass. Landon and Matt took their fair share of slapping, whipping and canning but now it’s your turn to check it out and tell us what do you think about it. Below you have the entire spank this picture gallery and there is a lot more you must discover by yourself. Enjoy!


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