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Kyler’s Been A Bad Boy

Kyler has been a really bad boy and someone is there to spankthis fine ass of his. Everyone gets what they deserve, especially Kyler, being in such good hands. Nothing is going to save him from getting his little ass spanked. This is what happens when you don’t mind your own business and continue taking trash to everyone around you. Y’all know what we do with the big mouths around here! Kyler started talking shit to the wrong guys, so they sent him a guy at his place to explain to him something about respect. You might’ve expected to see him getting his ass beaten up, well this is not the case, but you aren’t too far from the truth.

The guy that was sent to Kyler’s place loves spanking other guys and you can see that in the┬áspankthis scene below as well, just by the way he got Kyler’s ass all red. This guy has no mercy when he’s talking about asses, he loves testing guys out and their limits too. Apparently, today was Kyler’s day because he got all the spanking and the whipping. His ass didn’t get so much action in a while, in a really long. long time. So you better see bad boy Kyler testing his limits while getting his ass spanked. This was all the spank this action of the day but stay close because we might bring you something new later today!


Enjoy watching Kyler getting his tight ass all red!