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Hayden Spanks Luke

Hayden sure loves to spankthis ass in front of the camera. Maybe he likes hearing hot Luke scream or just seeing that ass getting so red after his slaps, who knows, but the important thing is that we got our hands on this one as well. The guys are getting nastier and nastier and they do it all in front of the camera too. Unlike some of the older updates today’s guys are a bit younger than the rest and from what we saw they like trying out all kind of things and that’s always great news. Who doesn’t like have two cute younger guys testing their limits in some intense gay spankthis action? We can’t wait to see it all.


The guys returned from practice and Luke got a little punishment for being such a bad guy and not listening to Hayden during practice. If you are an ass during practice, your ass is the one getting it afterward. Well, this guy had to find that out in the hardest way possible, well his ass did. Hayden took off his pants and his underwear and after he was butt naked he bent him over the bed and started whipping his ass with a piece of wood. Hayden sure didn’t have any mercy on his ass and you can see that in the gallery below so make sure you see it all. Luke and Hayden brought us a really nice spank this update and we know that you are going to love it!

Check out this guy getting his tight ass whipped!