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Coach Ryan and Roxy

You will want to see this horny coach spankthis guy’s ass in the scene below. This guy had a big mouth and couldn’t keep it shut up and that pissed off some of his team mates and his coach and he wasn’t going to let it get by so easily. The jock received a special visit from his coach and he made sure that his ass was going to remember this. He asked him to join him in the office to have a little chat. The coach tried to talk with him but the guy was too full of himself and wouldn’t listen to anyone. Seeing that he couldn’t get to him the coach had to find another way of dealing with things and his childish temper.

If a grown man was acting like a kid he decided to answer in the same way. The coach asked him to take off his clothes and his underwear and to bend over the desk. The guy didn’t know how to react to his coach’s request but he listened to him. After he took his position the real fun started for the coach at least. Seeing that ass getting red made his day a lot better and ours too. There’s something about seeing these hot jocks getting spanked that always leaves us wanting more and more. Below you get to see it all so be sure you check it all out and that you tell us what you think about this spank this gallery!


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