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SpankThis video – Max gets lessoned

Another fresh week and time for some more nice and fresh spankthis video scenes to be shown to you today. In this nice update, we bring you Jeff yet again and this time he gets to punish his boyfriend for sneaking out without telling him and then trying to sneak back in when he returned. Suffice to say that you already know Jeff doesn’t take lightly to insubordination. And for him this was just the usual as he’d get to get harsh once more for your viewing pleasure everyone. Let’s watch him at work today.

When the nice and hot spankthis movie starts, you can see that the other guy named Max is already assuming the position on the couch with his bottom up. And Jeff pulls out his belt to help him. Watch as the hot stud Max gets himself a nice little red ass after Jeff is done with him. We are sure that you will enjoy the harsh treatment that Max got tonight and be sure that there’s even more for you to see next time. Also don’t forget to check out the past updates from spank this as well everyone. You won’t be dissapointed. Looking for more gay sex videos? If you do, check out the Raw Papi blog and see some sexy Latino guys fucking!

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SpankThis – Garage punishment

It was about time for us to deliver some more fresh and nice spankthis videos for you guys and what better time to show some more off than right now. Again the master spanker Jeff makes his return and he has more work for his hands to do as he gets to lay down some rules on another sexy and hot ass today. But let’s just say that Jeff isn’t going to just deliver some lessons in manners today. For this fine video you also get to see him having his big and rock hard cock sucked by the guy he was punishment.

As the scene starts Jeff and his little man slut can be seen in a underground garage parking. And that’s where Jeff chose the spot to deliver some palms to a naughty ass. Watch as he guy gets bent over Jeff’s knee at the beggining and hear him moan as he’s getting spanked. Then for a nice bonus, Jeff has the dude on his knees as working on his big and hard cock. So yeah you also get to see some nice and hot blow job sessions for this fine afternoon session. As always we hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you next week with even more spankthis pics everyone! Check out website and have fun watching other hot guys getting naked in front of the camera!

Spank This – Jeff Spanks Christian

As another week swung by, spank this returns with one more superb and fresh update for you guys to see once more. In this fresh scene for today we bring you Christian that has been a very very naughty guy, and Jeff, who will be delivering the spanking of justice like he always does. So let’s not waste anymore time and get this amazing show started. The scene itself will have Chris as he just gets to sit around all obedient as he always is and take his spanking like man. You know that Jeff knows how to treat those hot asses and this day it was no exception. As usual you can expect some quality stuff to come out of all this.

When the cameras start to roll, the show truly begins, and like we said, Chris was about to get a good punishment today. Watch as Jeff gets straight to work oh his ass at today. He’s really eager to get to have his way with that perfect round butt and he’s not going to be satisfied until he has his way with it. So just watch Jeff do his job to roughly treat that bottom like he always does and enjoy the amazing show that unfolds. Well that’s about everything that we have for you this time guys. But as usual you can expect even more sweet spankthis pics and of course videos on our next week’s updates. And if you can’t wait until next week visit czech hunter website and find similar videos and picture galleries., or enter the mix it up boy site and see other hot guys getting ass fingered!


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SpankThis – Max Spanks Brant

Max and Brant are today’s guest stars in our spankthis videos for the day. The two horny hunks get to have a go at one another’s perfect asses in a basement where no one can disturb them from their little fuck fest. It all began with them having somewhat of a lover’s quarrel, and since they are a couple they have to solve this somehow now don’t they. Max being the alpha male is the one to do the punishment.


And you can bet that Brant was going to take this spank this punishment as a good little man slut that he is. They lock themselves in a boiler room to not be disturbed. And once onside and all alone, Brant pulled down his pants to reveal his ass to Max. Watch as Brant gets a nice and hard spanking from his buddy today and see him moan in pleasure at the rough treatment he is getting this afternoon. See you next week guys, until then check out some men playing videos and enjoy watching other horny twinks in gay sex action!

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Spanked and punished at work

Hey there once more guys , today we bring you some more awesome and fresh spankthis pics for your enjoyment. In this nice little scene we have a couple of two studs working out their boss-employee relationship. It all started when the guy with brunette hair was caught slacking off at work today. So his manager, the guy with the red hair, decided that he needs to be taught a lesson in hard work. And since he talked back to him as well, he would be in for a lesson in manners as well. So sit back and let’s watch them go at it.

When the spank this scene starts you can see that the two horny studs are already getting to start off their little session. The boss pulls out a paddle which he’ll be using on his subordinate’s ass and without a second thought he has him bend over and present his perky little ass for him. Watch as the dude gets one good ass spanking on his firm ass today and enjoy the show everyone. You can safely assume that he learned his lesson and he will not be taking his boss for granted from now on. Again we will see you next week with more awesome content! Until then, check out the wrestlehard blog and see some muscled wrestlers fucking!


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Spank This – Matthew and Mike

Another fresh week and time for one more spank this update. For this amazing and hot scene we bring you two very horny guys named Matthew and Mike. And this sexy stud duo will show off how they like to spend their every afternoon everyone. You can be sure that you will be in for some good times with these two as they will have some hard style fuck sessions for your enjoyment. So let’s not waste anymore time and get their little slutty sex show started. Believe us when we tell you that you won’t forget these two hot studs and they fuck fest that they will do today for you. And that’s a promise.


As soon as the cameras start to roll the two studs get straight to their naughty sex show at today. And with that you can see that Mike gets undressed while Matthew pull out his little sex toys that he will be using on his buddy today. Watch as Mike gets himself bent over and watch him getting his ass slapped with the paddle. You can be sure that there’s more to this. After the spank session Mike gets to suck on some hard cock and then presents his tight ass for a proper dicking in this spankthis pics gallery for today. So without due enjoy this scene everyone and see you next time with even more awesome and hot sexy content. Until then check out website and have fun watching other hot guys getting naked in front of the camera. We promise you will love it. Also you might visit the hot barebacking site and see some gorgeous guys riding monster cocks!

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SpankThis – Trystan spanks Ryan

This fine and new week we want to show off some more spankthis videos for you guys. In this nice and hot scene we have the masterful spanker Trystan as he shows off his superb skills on his willing little man slut for the afternoon, Ryan. So without any more delays and what not, let’s sit back and enjoy these two very horny and sexy studs just like the guys from ragingstallion videos go at it for your pure enjoyment guys for this unforgettable spank this scene.

When the cameras start to roll Trystan wastes no time in getting Ryan bent over his knee as he pulls out his nice and sexy collection of sex toys that he’s going to use of Ryan’s ass. Watch Ryan moaning  in pleasure as the master works his ass nicely. Enjoy this hot scene as you get to see the perfect ass getting punished just for your entertainment today everyone. As usual, see you next week with more fresh stuff. Also if you wanna see other hot guys getting their asses spanked and fucked, enter the TIMfuck blog!


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Tyler spanks and fucks Devon

Today we have some new and fresh spankthis videos that you simply must see everyone. For this nice update we have a scene with two very horny guys that get around to act all sexy in front of the cameras for you guys. The two handsome guys are named Tyler and Devon and you should know that they make a really cute couple. Well except the fact that Devon regularly acts out against Tyler and Tyler has to remind him who’s boss every now and then. So let’s get this superb video show started in this movie update and enjoy the sow they will put on.


The couple starts off the scene and you can see that Devon is already getting his proper scolding. And Tyler wastes no time to have him spanked. Watch as Tyler works Devon’s ass with his rough hand while spanking him and enjoy. And as you might imagine that wasn’t all for this superb scene. No, the two also wanted to do a nice little fuck session afterwards. And you can see as Taylor will fuck Devon’s ass hard style with his big cock for a nice finish. We hope you enjoyed and we will be seeing you in the following week with some more spankthis pics everyone! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the sweet and raw site and see some gorgeous gay guys making out! Have fun and see you soon!


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Spank This – Jeff Spanks Blake

Hey there once more everyone, spank this comes back again with another superb and hot scene to show off today to you. It seems that Jeff has gotten his punishing hands on another little naughty man slut that needs to get some rough treatment. This time Jeff takes the role of a boss as he’s disciplining his underling Blake. Blake forgot to do some stuff for the firm and Jeff here needs to remind him that a business needs to work like a well oiled machine if everything is suppose to be working correctly. Let’s see what they do.

When the cameras start to roll, Blake can be seen already in the office looking like a sad little puppy while Jeff scolds him on his mistake. Well he also tells Blake that he needs to be taught a lesson. So with that, Jeff orders Blake to take off his clothes and lye on his belly on the desk completely naked at today. Then Jeff takes his belt off and starts to spank naughty Blake with it as the latter moans in pleasure. One might get to think that Blake actually did the mistake intentionally, but we’ll never know for sure will we. Enjoy everyone and if you liked this update and you’re looking for similar videos and pictures check out website. Also you might visit the site and see some cute guys getting fucked!


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SpankThis – Jeff Spanks Chase

Hey there guys, spankthis returns once more with this superb and fresh scene and you get to see another hot stud getting punished for being naughty. His name is Chase and Jeff here is the master punisher giving his ass a good spanking for being naughty. He’s very good looking, just lile the guys from the JalifStudio site! We’re sure that you will absolutely love this little scene. So let’s get to it shall we? It seems that Chase here upset Jeff quite allot and this time he wouldn’t be talking his way out of punishment. He may have gotten away with it last time, but for this one he’s definitely receiving something.


As the scene starts off you get to see as Chase is taken by Jeff to a nice little cage where he can’t get out. And once there Chase gets himself stripped of all his clothes. And afterwards, he gets bent over and put in a doggie style position as Jeff takes out his little beat stick to punish his ass. Let’s just say that a good ass spanking isn’t everything that Chase got. He also got his tight little ass fucked by Jeff afterwards as proof that he’s forgiven. And you know that chase loved every minute of it. See you next week again everyone! For similar gay sex videos check out blog and have fun watching other straight guys getting spanked!

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